Indian Craftsmen – The Guardians of Indian Art

Indian Craftsmen – The Guardians of Indian Art

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“The hand of a craftsman engaged in his craft is always pure”- Manu

The Indian society is portrayed in a fascinating manner by the Indian craftsmen. They create magic with their hands. Indian craftsmen are the ones protecting the handicrafts of our country.

If the Indian map could be depicted using the art forms and handicrafts from regions, it would look like a vibrant, colourful art in itself. The Jaipur pottery in Rajasthan, Bastar in Chattisgarh, Wooden Toys from Maharashtra and so on. The country is rich in theme craft too. Needle work, Tribal crafts, Fiber and Eco-friendly Crafts, Fashion Accessories and festal Decorations belong to the theme craft category.

Handicrafts can be traced back to the rural crafts of ancient civilizations. Many crafts have been practiced for centuries, while there are many others that are modern inventions, or popularizations of crafts which were originally practiced in a limited geographic area. Indian craftsmen use natural, even entirely indigenous, materials while many may prefer modern, non-traditional materials. The individual craftsmanship of a hand-crafted product have certain principles; the ones made by machines or produced in bulk are not handicraft goods. Handicrafts are creations of craftsmen and artisans. They can be made from a variety of materials like metal, wood, jute and bamboo.

The handicrafts industry in India is huge and inexhaustible. It can range from robust coconut coir articles to delicate clay-craft and ceramics, and from rugged stone or metal-work to intricate embroidery and mirror-work on fabrics.

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  • 5 most amazing handicrafts from India and the Indian Craftsmen today:
  • Why choose handmade products?
  • Indian Craftsmen and Miradorlife

5 most amazing handicrafts from India and the Indian Craftsmen today:

India is known for its customs and the art and culture of the country is loved and respected across the globe. We have shortlisted some of most amazing handicrafts from our Motherland:

Pashmina Shawls

1. Pashmina Shawls: These shawls are made out of fine wool called Pashmina. The fabrics of these shawls are first woven in Kashmir and then they are sent to the valleys for processing. The processing of these fabrics is entirely hand processed. The complete process of turning the wool into a shawl – from combing and spinning to weaving and finishing – all of it is carried out using hands by the dedicated craftsmen and women. Approximately 180 hours are required to produce a Pashmina Shawl. 

2. Woodwork: The northern states of India have a rich tradition of the woodwork. Regions in Punjab are famous for its exquisite wooden furniture. Kashmir is famous for its artefacts made from the walnut trees. The artisans of Chhattisgarh specialize in wooden crafts like masks, doors, window frames and sculptures. Jharkhand is famous for its wooden toys which are always in a pair. The woodcarvings of Goa are an aesthetic blend of Portuguese and Indian cultures, and the designs are primarily floral, animal and human figures. Red sandalwood from Andhra Pradesh is used to make cutlery, dainty boxes and paper knives in various designs. Madurai is popular for its rosewood carvings. Karnataka is famous for beautiful elephants, images and furniture made from rosewood. Sandalwood is also used to make utility and decorative items, which are etched with designs of flowers, creepers, birds and animals. Magnificent figurines of females are carved out of Kumbli wood in Kerala.


3. Pottery: The tradition of handmade pottery is prevalent in India since the time of Harappan Civilization. Northern part of India is famous for various kinds of pottery designs, ranging from colours like orange, brown, and light red in Uttar Pradesh to black and dark red in Himachal Pradesh. In Rajasthan, Bikaner is famous for its painted pottery, Pokhran for its pottery with geometrical patterns and Alwar for its Kagzi pottery. The blue pottery of Jaipur is also very famous.

4. Leather: The age-old convention of leather skill in India is proved by ancient sages and ascetics. In the past, leather was not only used in making clothes and footwear but also in making caps, bags, saddles, shield etc. India is famous worldwide for its leather products. Madhya Pradesh is also known for its leather craft. Various leather items produced are like shoes, bags and garments. Maharashtra is famous for its leather shoes called Kolhapuri chappals


5. Jute: Indian craftsmen working with Jute have created a worldwide position. Jute handicrafts have a varied range of products including bags, office stationeries, bangles and other jewellery, footwear, wall-hangings and many more. India is a centre for jute handicrafts and people all over from the globe visit the jute handicrafts fairs to buy these works of perfection. West Bengal, Assam and Bihar, being the leading jute producers, pilot the jute handicrafts market in India.

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Our country being so rich in its art and culture, yet the art and its craftsmen stand nowhere in today’s date. The demand of Indian Craftsmen and their creations have reduced extensively making it difficult for the creators to make ends meet.

The availability of cheaper products is one of the major causes for this scenario. In this fast life we are more reliable on machines. The machine-made products can be produced in huge numbers thus, making them easily available. Hence, the rise in demand. These products barely have any production cost which makes them cheaper too.

Whereas, handmade products designed by the Indian Craftsmen cannot be produced in bulk. As the name suggests, the products are made with hands and takes time to finish. Also, every product is different from the other. The materials used in every product is natural. Keeping all these factors in mind the production cost shoots up.

In this scenario, it becomes very difficult for the Indian craftsmen to make a living out of their art. The next generation Indian Craftsmen are therefore choosing different career options. If this continues, we will not have any more Indian Craftsmen left to protect our art forms.

The Indian Craftsmen speaks about the history of these geniuses.

Why choose handmade products?

Even though apparently handmade products might seem more expensive, but, handmade products are always long lasting. In fact, handmade products are often treasured as heirlooms. Every product being different from another makes them exclusive.

Apart from that, it is our responsibility towards our country to save her Art and Culture. It is our duty to support these craftsmen who are trying hard to save the tradition. Not just for the country and the men, handmade products should be chosen for the nature too!

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Wood craft

Indian Craftsmen and Miradorlife

Miradorlife believes in sustainable development. Keeping the situation in mind, Miradorlife have taken an active step towards the well-being of Indian craftsmen. We are driven to create a sustainable living for our craftsmen while protecting the art forms of India and more importantly sustainability of our environment by ensuring that all our products are eco-friendly.

Miradorlife is consumed to support all the masters and guardians of our rich Indian traditional art forms who are trying to keep the cultural heritage alive.

We have a pool of uber talented craftsmen with us. Each time a customer buys a Miradorlife product we believe it’s not a “buy” but a pledge and an active participation for sustainable living. Together, we can work to create and deliver the right impact to ensure that the future of traditional art forms of India stay intact for our future generations.

Miradorlife is a platform to empower not just the art form but the creators as well!

Every product is priced to be affordable and accessible to customers from all backgrounds. The process of pricing a product at Miradorlife is extremely transparent. This initiative strengthens the trust between the craftsmen or the artist and us. It helps us to gain ardent customer support who love to come back to us over and over.

While the entire world is going through tough times, where the economy has crashed, making almost everyone suffer, Miradorlife believes that it is essential to create a sustainable system of living by providing livelihood to all those working on and protecting our art forms byencouraging purchase of local products. It is time we wake up; it is time to take a step and we believe that each of us has the potential to contribute for sustainable living.

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