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Desk FAQs

1) Where can I get a good quality and budget-friendly office desk online in India?

A work desk is heirloom furniture that offers multi-functional assistance to you. So, you need to invest in one that is sustainable, well-crafted for safety and convenience, and looks beautiful.

You can get the best quality home office desk tailor-made to meet your space and budget from Miradorlife. Select a one-of-a-kind work desk from a variety of designs, or connect with us to get one custom-made, especially for you.

2) Which type of furniture is best for a modern office?

The modern office furniture clubs together comfort, style, convenience, and durability. Also, it has to offer the versatility of functions to maintain the elegance of the decor and save space and money.

That said, modern office furniture must be ergonomic-friendly to offer you comfortable posture and sufficient leeway.

3) Which material is best for a home office work desk?

The best quality work desk or study table is made of the finest wood that bears the FSC certification. Also, it has to come finished with natural alternatives over the chemicals ones to keep your indoors healthy and pleasant.

The recommended wood varieties are Oak, Teak, Sheesham, Sal, Maple, and the reclaimed wood.

4) How to select the perfect desk for WFH?

If you’re planning to choose a home office table online, you need to consider these factors to help you find the right one.

5) Why are some desks so cheap?

The high-quality desks are slightly expensive as they are well crafted from the finest wood for your safety and ease of work. The cheaper ones are made from metal, glass, and hardwood veneer over particle board and have a high environmental impact. They are bonded with synthetic resin & soak chemicals that are harmful to your interiors & the environment.

For more queries and information on desks, download Miradorlife’s ‘The ultimate buying guide for desks’ now.

Sideboard FAQs

What is the difference between a sideboard and a buffet?

A sideboard is a piece of furniture with long, low storage space meant for entertaining your guests. It got its basic design and shape from the side tables. Its evolved structure with shelves and drawers adds additional storage in your dining/living room.

Buffets generally have larger cabinets and long legs that sit close to the floor. They host the diners in the dining area with a serving surface on the top. The sideboards can be used anywhere to elevate the space and storage of your living/study/bedroom area in their custom-made designs.

What are the advantages of having a sideboard in your home?

A sideboard is the most practical furniture that provides storage and display area and revamps your interior.

It offers versatile functions and can be used interchangeably in your living room, kid’s room, and bedroom, living room, and dining area/kitchen.

This storage organizer is used to store your tableware for easy entertaining or serves as a minibar cabinet. It is the perfect place to hide all your clutter from crockery to dinnerware, magazines/books, office accessories, etc.

Where do I get the best sideboard, or crockery cabinet for my new home?

At Miradorlife, we aim to make your home look stunning with products tailored to meet your individual requirements.

Choose a variety of wooden cabinets handcrafted by our local Indian artisans at our online store. No matter how small or big your space is, you can find stunning sideboards well-crafted for you in the mid-century, vintage, and European-inspired designs.

Our products are eco-friendly to make sure your interiors look fresh and beautiful with thoughtfully procured materials.

How to select sideboards and wooden storage cabinet designs?

To choose an ideal sideboard for your home, you’ve to keep these factors in mind.

  1. Measure your space/room area where you’re planning to keep the sideboard.
  2. Estimate the size of the sideboard based on the number of your dinnerware, crockery, or other items that you want to store.
  3. Choose a storage organizer made of high-quality wood like Sheesham, oak, maple, or the reclaimed wood.
  4. Always prefer the subtle color tones to keep your interior looking calm and fresh.
  5. Opt for the contemporary, slim and versatile designs having low legs and a wide display area.

To choose the right design that will complement your home perfectly, you can book a free design consultation from Miradorlife.

Get a FREE 30 minute consultation now!

How to organize a sideboard for easy entertaining?

Start with reorganizing your sideboard categorically. Separate the dinnerware and crockery based on occasion and materials. Single file the plates and bowls on the bottom-most shelf. Use stemware for hanging the wine glasses. Neatly fold the tablecloth and napkins using cardboard tubing and place them in separate trays. Arrange the serving essentials like the spoon, spatula, knives, etc., in wooden trays or rectangular basket trays for easy accessibility. Use drawers for smaller items like napkin rings, candle holders, tea coasters, etc.

Find out 7 brilliant ways to organize a sideboard for easy entertaining here.

Mirror FAQs

How do you use mirrors for home decor?

Mirrors are the most pocket-friendly and intelligent addition to your home decor. Their reflective surface helps to spread more daylight in the entire room, thereby creating sustainable interiors. They create the illusion of depth and space to help make a small room look larger. From the full wall-size length to beautiful geometric patterns to the mirrors donning wooden frames in mesmerizing designs, they add characters to the walls.

How do I choose a decorative mirror for my home?

The latest trend from the interior design industry suggests choosing decorative mirrors as per the size of your space. For a tiny room, adding a mirror headboard to the bed will cause the reflection of the opposite wall creating the illusion of an airy room. If not headboard, then opt for a full-length mirror for any corner wall, both to get a full view of you and to create a larger room illusion. For the living room, you can go for framed mirrors in rustic wood or white-washed bamboo to create a tranquil appeal. The circular mirrors look beautiful in the foyer/hallway.

What are good quality mirrors for home interiors?

To ascertain the quality of a decorative mirror for your home, you need to check glass quality, thickness, and mirror silvering. The apt thickness for home mirrors is 1/8, 3/16, and ¼ inches. A high-quality mirror will always have silver as its reflective coating. Also, it comes with multiple coats of protective paint on the back to prevent silver from tarnishing. Last, but not least, the purity of high-quality glass won’t distort the reflection as it is free from inconsistencies.

Where can I buy good-quality mirrors online?

Take a look at our selective and exclusive varieties of mirrors and headboards at Miradorlife. We try to beautify your decor with sustainable products made from the finest quality of eco-friendly materials. Our high-quality mirrors are beautifully wrapped in wooden frames to give your home a calming and aesthetic appeal. The headboards are made of solid wood in unique designs to make your decor stand out. You can get customized shapes, sizes, and patterns to suit individual requirements.

What is the best mirror for a bathroom?

Check for the mirror that comes with a moisture-resistant label. Select bevel-edged mirrors because they work as best light reflectors and stay resistant to multiple splashes of water. If you are going for framed-mirrors, assure that the frame material also comes with a moisture-resistant coating. For a small bathroom, install a large mirror that covers the maximum wall area above the sink to portray the design illusion of a larger space.

Bed FAQs

How to choose the best bed online?

Depending on your budget, check for the material first. Solid wood beds are best in terms of comfort and longevity. Prefer opting for single or double beds handcrafted from oakwood, teak wood, Sheesham & reclaimed wood. The intricate detailing makes them stunning & they become worth the investment as your heirloom furniture. Choose beds that fit in your space and come with storage too. At Miradorlife, you’ll get a lot of choices to fit your unique style and requirements.

Which type of bed is good for sleeping?

A good night’s sleep lies in choosing the perfect bed base. When it comes to supporting your back comfortably, the spring and slat beds are idle. Also, keep in mind the size and shape of your wooden bed. Choose a bed size with dimensions that go a little extra from your requirement to enjoy feeling comfy and snug.

How to decide the ideal bed size for my room?

For smaller Indian bedrooms, the ideal Queen-size bed of dimensions 78*60 inches is the right choice. You must buy one that is lightweight, easily movable and gives a snuggly feel in a tighter space. If you’re blessed with a big bedroom, the standard King-size bed of 84*72 inches offers a luxurious pick. For your kids’ room, the size can be either 74*39 inches or the standard size of a single bed i.e. 88*39 inches.

What are the different types of solid wood bed designs?

Here’re some of the contemporary designs of wooden beds online. Four-poster beds exude grandeur and upgrade your room’s look instantly. The platform beds help in establishing the minimal decor settings by accentuating your room’s height. The modern Divans amplify the room’s interior with a mix of traditional and royal hues, offering multiple functionalities. The Sofa cum beds serve as versatile pieces of furniture. The Upholstered beds with a cushioned headboard are the best choices for luxe decor.

What should I prefer? Beds with storage or no storage.

If space is not a problem & you want to keep a minimalistic decor, then go for the lighter and airy bed designs without any storage.

For smaller spaces, opt for beds with storage. The design options for under-bed storage include wide drawers, headboard, box, or hydraulic storage mechanisms. At Miradorlife, you can get any online bed with a design style customized to fit your space, budget, and personal preferences.

Accent Chairs FAQs

What is the purpose of an accent chair?

Accent chairs for home redefine the beauty of your interiors by adding visual interest to any space. You can place them in any room; living room, bedroom, or even the hallway. These are the wooden counterparts that complement your personality.

What is the difference between Armchair and Accent chairs?

Armchairs are largely designed for a big, deep, and cozy seating to create an ideal reclusive corner in your home. An oversized chair is always preferred. Their cushioned seats & arms are meant to offer deep-sinking comfort.

Accent chairs are slightly smaller than oversized side chairs or armchairs. These are fabulous and functional pieces of art that impart a touch of your unique style to your interiors.

What size should an accent chair be?

When choosing a wooden chair online, prefer a seat height of 16-18 inches. That is the standard dimension. However, since these chairs are meant exclusively to personalize your decor, you can always get one expertly handcrafted and customized for you.

What material makes sense for an Accent chair for your home?

These are solitary pieces of furniture. So you need to invest wisely in a chair that is handmade sustainably with solid wood, reclaimed wood, or other eco-friendly materials like bamboo. Pick wooden chairs online made from Sal, Sheesham, Oakwood, Teak, etc.

Which color Accent Chair would look good for my home?

The trickiest trade in choosing accent chairs for your home lies in opting for one that complements or juxtaposes the decor. They need not necessarily match them. Bold patterns and hues are usually encouraged to dominate the attention, but for a more pleasing decor charm, subdued tones in natural finishing will be more appropriate.

Sectionals FAQs

What should I look for when buying a sectional sofa?

Before buying a sectional sofa set online, find out which style out of the left or right suits your living room? If you want your sectional sofa to portray an L-shaped extension at the right side, choose a right-facing sofa, or else opt for a left-facing sectional. Also, since your sectional is meant to be the focal point of your living room, select the one handcrafted with natural wood to exude rarity.

How do you know if a sectional is of good quality?

Sectional sofas made from responsibly sourced finest wood offer the best quality options. The handcrafted ones are tailored to personalize your living room. Some of the desired benefits that eco-friendly sectionals bring in are stylishly pleasing aesthetics, healthy interiors & sustainability.

What is the difference between a left-facing and a right-facing sectional sofa?

There is a simple trick to find out the distinction. Stand in front of the wall where you are planning to place the sectional sofa. If you want to add a right-side extension, you have to buy from sofa sets online that are right-facing. If your living room layout is more open for a left-side extension, select one from the left-facing sectional sofas.

How much room do I need for a sectional sofa?

You can get a sectional sofa customized as per your space’s layout. The only thing to keep in mind is that either your placement area needs to have an l-shaped wall, or if not, then a chaise with an extended ottoman can be tailored to fit anywhere.

What is the difference between a Sectional and Sofa?

Sectionals are meant to offer an ample amount of space geared towards lounging around in more cushioned comfort. Also, depending on their size, they add room for more people. The conventional sofas deliver more formal seating & occupy less space than the sectionals.

Bedside Tables FAQs

What is the purpose of a bedside table?

Bedside tables or nightstands are small tables with or without a chest of drawers that are placed along one or both sides of the bed. These stylish decor elements support a host of bedroom functions like easy bedside storage for books, clothes, or essential items & provide ample area to display furnishings like night lamps, potted plants, and beautiful artefacts.

How do I choose a perfect bedside table online for my bedroom?

Bedside tables are the complementary additions that make your bedroom complete both in terms of aesthetics & functionality. Before buying bedside tables online, you need to consider their size, material & design styles. Always go for the designs handcrafted with natural wood. They will add to the coziness & restful decor of your bedroom. As for their sizes, they must fit comfortably alongside your bed & not look obtrusive.

What are the benefits of luxury bedside tables in the bedroom?

For a minimalist modern bedroom, luxury bedside tables are must-have furniture after your wooden bed. Placing them alongside the bed adds oodles of personalized style to the decor & gives you a space to store everyday essentials in an easily accessible manner. You can choose luxury bedside tables online that can be custom-made to give your bedroom a uniquely stylish look.

What is the standard height of a bedside table?

Buy bedside tables online or get them custom-made for you with an average height between 24”-28” (61-71cm) to match the standard bed height of 25” (63.5cm). Or otherwise, you can move some inches below or above the standard height to impart an exclusive look to your modern bedroom.

What is the average size of a bedside table?

The bedside tables are often designed in pairs, and hence the square dimensions of 20” width & 20” depth are desirable. But the contemporary designs take into account the versatile requirements & space-saving attributes, so their sizes can be tailored to fit into your bedroom space beautifully. You can buy custom-made bedside tables online to fulfill your functional & decorative requirements.

Foyer Benches FAQs

Where can a foyer bench be used in your home?

Foyer benches are statement decor accessories placed at the foyer or front entryway of your home. They lend space to rest and take the load off your hands as soon as you exit or enter your home. The contemporary foyer benches offer pleasing aesthetics in their beautiful designs. As these are multi-purpose pieces of furniture, the chic foyer benches can add style & functionality anywhere in your home flexibly.

How to choose the best foyer bench for your home?

Foyer benches handmade beautifully in solid wood make for the sustainable & stylish decor element. True hardwood benches like oak, walnut, Sheesham retain their rich appearance indefinitely. Miradorlife offers you personalized choices of well-made wooden benches to buy online. Crafted expertly from hardwood, our foyer benches last for generations, despite heavy use.

What kind of wood or materials is used in making foyer benches?

Buying foyer benches online demand a thoughtful selection as you will get a host of style options made from different materials. The best & natural material choice for home decor is a hardwood bench crafted with skilled precision & a chemical-free finish. The cheaper material options are engineered wood and metal. Due to their machine-made & chemically finished designs, they might be light on the pocket but are not the best choice for your interiors.

How thick should a foyer bench seat be?

The modern foyer bench designs are tailored to suit individual space requirements. However, the desired thickness for comfortable seating is between 15-30 inches (38-51 cm). The average bench length can range from 42-60 inches (107-152 cm) & the height can vary from 18-20 inches (46-51 cm) depending on the personal choices.

What can I do with a small entryway?

To make your small entryway more functional and attractive, you can buy custom-made foyer benches online. That will fit into it perfectly & look welcoming & unobtrusive. Additionally, they will turn your tiny space into a more functional & pretty area with a lot of hidden storage & chic designs.

Dining Chairs FAQs

What should I look for when buying dining chairs?

Dining chairs contribute to imparting both physical and visual comfort to your dining area. When buying dining chairs online, you must look for customized handmade wooden chairs. They are eco-friendly, durable & refurbish your dining room with exclusivity. Choose the designs & sizes that create harmony with your dining table.

What are the different styles of dining chairs?

The standard classification of dining chairs segregates them into two types – Armchairs & side chairs. An armchair features armrests. These chairs are positioned at the head & foot of the table reserved for the head of the family. Side chairs sit alongside the dining tables. The varied styles define the back of the chairs differently. Popular choices are the Parsons chair, wingback chair, slat back, Windsor chair, slope dining chair, etc.

Can accent chairs be used as dining chairs?

Adding accent chairs to your dining area will elevate the overall look of the space. However, the dining chairs are meant to create spacious seating for the whole family. Here, it’s a good idea to add an accent chair at the head of the table & balance the complete look with side dining chairs like the Parsons chair with upholstered detailing.

Can dining room chairs be used in the living room?

Modular furniture that offers the flexibility of roles is all the rage today. Buy dining chairs online or get them designed to match the decor ambience of your dining & living area. That way, your dining chairs can shift roles for easy entertaining & styling both the dining room & living room simultaneously.

How do I choose a comfortable dining room chair?

Designer dining chairs can be handcrafted to suit your personal style & comfort factor. The differently styled back designs with upholstered detailing, armrests & wings can be chosen to experience a comfortable dining experience every day. Choose artistic wooden dining chairs online at Miradorlife to create personalized dining spaces.


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