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She’s the


that speaks a language of it’s own.

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in color into the stories of life.

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life to every nook and corner

Don’t fit yourself into the decor,

create living spaces that befit you.

About Mirador




It was in Portugal that I came across ‘mirador’, which is Spanish for ‘a lookout with an extensive view’. To me, it meant a beacon leading a person into beauty. Looking out at an endless ocean, made me realize how limited our life view was. Unlike in nature where its endless. We conceive of limitations in ourselves and then bring them into our homes and our home furniture.

This pure teak wood, four-poster canopy sofa-bed may take you back in time to the traditional Indian diwan bed.

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A whiff from the valleys of the East, with a theme that weaves in the magic of Eastern influences.

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It’s all about sunny days, bright mornings and vibrant hues. This is a rustic theme that uses warm textures to its advantage.

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Be amongst the nature while you sit down to a meal in your dining room, or unwind in an eco-conscious bedroom, living room or a patio.

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Our Custom Collections

From a wooden spoon, to a wicker basket, to a Moorish bed; no two pieces at Mirador are ever the same or even aimed to be identical. We play with wood, wicker, bamboo, cane, cotton, linen and other natural and organic elements; without altering their natural textures.

@ Mirador

We are an eclectic mix of living styles. Each of our custom home furniture pieces and accessories are crafted as single units. They mingle ‘n’ match, owing to their natural origins, raw colours, soft tones, unharmed textures and organic styles. These are living ideas for today’s world-versed generation. There are French, Moorish, Eastern, Greek and Asian influences aplenty in our furniture design, but the ethos is soulfully Indian.

Mirador is about moving away from everything mass and creating living spaces with a capital YOU.

This is where Mirador becomes you.

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