5 easy steps to make your home beautiful and design it smartly

5 easy steps to make your home beautiful and design it smartly

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Without a doubt, all of us want to make our home look like a magazine cover. Sometimes, we strive so desperately to change it that we either end up spending a fortune or mess it up even more! But, to make your home beautiful there is no need to begin a drastic repair or make a dramatic rearrangement. To create the ideal interior, you just need to know a few simple tricks.

Here below we are sharing 5 easy steps to make your home beautiful.

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  • 5 easy steps to make your home beautiful
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De-Clutter: It is a great idea to start de-cluttering your space before you start doing up your home. It might sound exhausting but it is undoubtedly an effort that’s worth. Select a room, and attack it with a pair of rubber gloves and a bin bag. Probe into every nook and corner, delve into cupboards you’ve been putting off forever, jump right in to the depths of all your clutter and let it go. Do not hesitate to let go off that bright yellow vase because you made it when you were six or that unused make up pouch because that was your first. If they have emotional value to you, then box it, be strict with yourself about what really is sentimental.

 Use ‘time since last used’ as your rule of thumb, if it’s been three years since you last used it, chances are its rubbish. Remember, start as you mean to go on- don’t sort piles into piles, if its rubbish throw it, if it’s not, put it away. Consider recycling any items you don’t need; charities are always looking for items they can sell on.

Set the Bedroom right: After toiling hard the whole, we wish for a comfortable, soothing bedroom that would relax our mind and body. To attain that, you can start with some lush cushions and a bedsheet. Old curtains (only they are the thick ones) can also be used as pillows. Scatter pillows and cushions on the bed, place candles across the room for ambient lighting.

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Add flowers to your décor: Get some bunches of fresh flowers from the local market, and place them in the hallway and kitchen. Flowers have some proven benefits. These lovelies, enriches your memory. With them being around, stress and depression seem to make a distant relationship with you. Place a few single stems from your bouquet around the house for an added touch.

Choose open kitchen: An open kitchen is the ultimate place in your house, where you can sit and enjoy your morning coffee, or spend some quality time with your friend over a bottle of wine. And for that you have to make sure your kitchen smells good. Use cinnamon sticks, freshly grounded coffee beans for refreshing smelling kitchen.

A cosy bathroom: Last but not the least, your bathroom should be cosy, little comfortable space for you to rejuvenate yourself. Scented candles, essentials oils are a must. Place some fluffy, matching towels, and iron them before folding and placing on a towel shelf in the bathroom. Always keep a neatly folded, clean towel over the sink or bath for guests to use. Get some bath petals and tip generously into a bath before getting in.

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