Lights, Lamps and Action!

Lights, Lamps and Action!

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Humans have always tried fighting the dark. This battle led to some innovating innovations of lamps and lighting devices. The usage of lamps and lights can be traced back to 70,000 B.C. Initially, the structures of the lamps were simple. A hollow rock or a shell was the base containing piece of moss soaked in animal fat that would burn the flame. Later, people started using marble, terracotta and metal structures. The animal fat was replaced by oil like fish oil and olive oil. Wick was introduced for a prolonged burning of the lamp. Till the end of 18th Century, oil lamps were used across the globe.

With inventions of new energy resources and technology, the lamp structures evolved too. The first commercial usage of coal gas was in the last decade of the 18th Century. Coal gas was transported to the place of consumption by pipes and led into the lamps.

19th Century witnessed the innovation of Kerosene Lamps. These lamps were invented in Germany. The kerosene Lamps has a straightforward mechanism, it consisted of container with kerosene in it.

The wick was dipped inside the kerosene. On top of the container there was a glass globe or chimney that ensure that the fire did not go off. It was during this time when the United States and the European got their gas lit street lamps.

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Lights are not just for convenience; they give your beautiful home a character. They are the perfect item to set the mood right. Decorative lighting highlights that painting on your wall. Lamps are the apt accessory to accentuate your garden furniture. A romantic dinner or a house party, a good choice of lamp can make them a hit!

The right choice of lamp could be the companion your reading nook was waiting for all this while. The colourful lampshades and quirky design are a statement piece in their own right, and so are the chandeliers. A collection of smart lighting brightens up your cabinets, kitchens and wardrobes, increasing visibility, convenience, and safety.

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