5 Ways to Style Your Console

5 Ways to Style Your Console

Having a console table at home can solve a ton of problems in one go. With a wooden deck close at hand, you can drop your car keys and not worry about them, serve food with proper plates when you have people over, arrange your best books and flaunt your collection of novels. You can even create a jaw-dropping moment for your guests by styling the console as per your personal taste. Here’s what you can do with a venerated wooden table –

Aesthetic Console

Adorn the wall adjacent to the console with an admirable art piece. Pick a painting that speaks to your soul. Fluid colours that flow through the wall and into your living room can create a nice contrast to the otherwise bleak brown bark of the table. Place a vintage typewriter or modern art models on the deck to increase the aesthetic appeal of the space. Keep this up and you just might have to issue tickets to off-guard visitors admiring your space.

Bling Console

Lure people into your living room with an eye-catching deck to demonstrate your luxurious lifestyle. Coat your console with a glossy metallic paint and pair it up with shiny home décor items to raise the glam quotient at your home. Gold, silver and brass plated silhouettes perched atop the console can ensure there’s never a dull moment. Hang a mirror above the console or place a lamp stand beside the wooden décor to provide enough light for the reflective surfaces to sparkle in your living room.

Fully-loaded Console

Turn your console into a powerful party unit. Plug-in a stereo sound system and pump up the music for a good time. You can connect a CDJ turntable and spin tracks right off the counter to get your friends grooving in your living space. Can’t find the right song for the moment? Surge through your records inside the shelves, conveniently located below the deck. Make sure you don’t rest any drinks on the table and you should be able to keep the party going into the wee hours of the day.

Minimal Console

If you’re looking for a space without distractions, a minimal console is the way to go. You could use a clean console at home to focus on your work. An uncluttered wooden deck could be just the thing you need to push past deadlines. Pitting the wooden furniture against a plain white wall can add an organized feel to the space. Do it right and you can give any interior designer in town a run for their money.

Sustainable Console

Go green with an eco-friendly console to air out your home. Decorate your space with potted plants and foliage placed on wooden furniture in your living room. In-house plants like Aloe Vera and English Ivy are low-maintenance and can survive in low-light conditions without water for several weeks.

Rather than using consoles as a mere storage facility, you can use these wooden décors to make bold style statements. Do up your home and lend it a distinct look with a well-curated console.

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