Perfect Pairings for Your Living Space

Perfect Pairings for Your Living Space

Starting a trend in furniture and fashion comes down to the basic principle of pairing. It’s all about how one color or fabric or furniture compliments its surroundings. If done right, you can make a bold statement in a flash and without the least bit of effort. This technique can really come in handy when you want to make a good first impression on people. So, before you call anyone else over to your crib, consider these perfect pairings to make your guests go gaga as they step into your living room.

Console and Couch

A console table is certainly something homes can’t do without. These slender pieces of furniture come in a variety of functional and fashionable designs. A small ceramic bowl kept on top of it can hold your guests’ keys and phones as they enter your house. Push the console against a TV stand and pair it with a comfortable couch for an instant home entertainment hotspot. Power up your DVD player or sound system decked on the console to create a theatrical experience for your friends, kicking it back on the couch.

Mirrors and Murals

Any intelligent interior designer will tell you that a mirror is a must-have for your living room. Mirrors can make a room brighter and make it seem larger than it is. A well-positioned mirror can reflect key elements of your living room like a stylish sofa set or shed more natural light onto a dark corner of a small space. Mix it up with murals from maestros like Raja Ravi Verma or M F Husain or even nostalgic photos of yourself to add a pinch of character to your home. Wall hangings painted by hand can imbue an artistic appeal to your lounge area and give it a touch of class.

Bookshelves and Bikes

Ebooks, tablets and kindles might have become commonplace in the digital age but they can never replace the feeling of holding a book in your hand. A stack of books beautifully arranged on a shelf can catch the attention of your guests and pave the way for a deeper conversation. You can pair bookshelves with a bicycle to immediately give off an eco-friendly vibe to your living space. You can always take the bike off the wall and pedal to your favourite coffee shop for a quick latte on a slow and sluggish day.

Potted Plants and Pedestals

Creating a sustainable lifestyle at home is possible with potted plants. Foliage perched around the living space can promote positive wellbeing and act as a natural air purifier throughout your stay. There are tons of innovative ways to hang potted plants in and around the house to make it greener. Try your hand at DIY pedestals to lend a personal touch to your surroundings. Switch up the look and feel of your living space by hanging hats and coats along with potted plants.

These are just a handful of pairings you can apply to renovate your living room. Mix and match wooden furniture with interiors you can find to revamp your home over an otherwise quiet weekend.

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