What’s in a name?

What’s in a name?

When I first opened my store “Mirador “ everyone asked me what the name meant. “ Wow …sounds very exotic …is it Spanish?” “ Eh? A furniture store in Bangalore called Mirador?” “ Why Mirador??”
So I would start and reel off complicated explanations of the name, my vision and how the word Mirador encompasses more than just a name to me.
But many a times pictures speak more than a thousand words….so here goes….

My “ Miradors “ – a window that gives you an extensive view of the world.

Imagine waking up every morning to some of these views….

Someone said our eyes are the windows to our souls. …similarly a window reflects the scene outside…a glimpse into a world outside your house.

I love it when a window looks like a work of art.

While a few lucky ones do get a window with a surreal view to the world…large chunks of us have to stare out at…well really the world passing us by. Some of it pleasant…some not so, but yet all of it comforting and a part and parcel of our daily life. Watching school kids wait for their bus, the lone jogger running on the street, the daily routine of the milkman on his archaic cycle, the vegetable walla selling his wares, a little bird nesting on the banyan tree outside or worse case scenario a chaotic traffic jam!


Yes… windows are incredibly entertaining, more so than television. Just stare out… My dog does it all the time….

Whatever the view ….it just shows how small you are in the larger perspective of life and connects you completely to the outside. Or as in my case helps you dream of a bigger picture…a Mirador or a beacon that shows you a completely beautiful view of world…a world you can become an integral part of.

So take a few minutes off from your busy chaotic life…gaze out of your window and tell me…. what’s your view?

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