I know many of us don’t celebrate Christmas with as much vigor and fun as we do DIwali but to me the “ Holiday season “ has always been a large part of my childhood. Part of it has to do with growing up in Calcutta aka Kolkata where Christmas or “ Bodo Din “ is celebrated with a wonderful spirit. In fact a lot of people question why I a non Christian celebrate Christmas….a question that would most definitely annoy any self respecting Kolkatan beyond limits!

I still remember how Park Street used to get all lit up and my dad would take us all for a drive to see the lights and the big Christmas tree outside the Park hotel. The Christmas decorations and bazaar at the centre of New Market and of course the yummy treats at Nahoum’s or Flury’s which would be filled to the brim with people queuing up to buy marzipan, rum balls and their famous Christmas cake.

The Mad Christmas rush at Flury’s!

Many a rum ball I have tasted but the one here is really the best…maybe its nostalgia that makes it a little more perfect!

Another reason I love Christmas is that I get another chance to decorate the house and make it look all festive and happy! Unfortunately you don’t get too many Christmas decorations in India (Hope to stock someday in Mirador!) So one has to try and use as whatever one can get or make without it looking too tacky.

A rustic wreath like this is my dream wreath with all the natural twigs and moss. But alas somehow mine never comes out so well….something to do with the moss I believe and not me! I continue to try and perhaps next year I will manage to achieve this look!

Or a maybe a more tropical leaf with ferns and succulents …

However, one of the best finds this year was a wreath made by a few expat French ladies for charity and I loved it. It was rustic, charming and well in my favorite color Blue!

The wreath hanging outside Mirador Bangalore

Of all the Christmas decorations I like the rustic Christmas style the most. Not only does it go more with my style but also easy to replicate – more woody more earthy, more natural with branches, twigs, driftwood, succulents etc and suitable for our tropical climate.

For the want of a tree! This little twig tree with ornaments hanging is adorable … and so simple. All you need is a branch or twig, yet so much classier than some of the hideous fake trees out there in the market.

Another favorite. This tree made of old newspapers – A great way to recycle …

Yet another simple yet charming way to hang ornaments …an old crate box!

Cookie cutter ornaments with pictures of your loved ones or simple colored wrapping paper. Easy to make as well and how much more personal !

Decorating Mason Jars filled with cookies is another décor element for you dining table …you can make it as elaborate and complicated as you like.

I kept mine simple with just a ribbon and two buttons…. took less time that baking the cookies!

So, happy holiday decorating. Hope you enjoy these simple ideas_- have a great Christmas!

PS Hoping to click pictures of my house in all its holiday glory….will post soon

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