DIY: How to Make Your Own Mini Greenhouse at Home

DIY: How to Make Your Own Mini Greenhouse at Home

Houseplants are a brilliant way to improve indoor air quality. Some indoor plants, like Indian basil and aloe vera, are also known to have medicinal use. Growing just one or two plants in the house is a fine idea, but imagine a miniature greenhouse made for you, by you. So, if you’re a gardening enthusiast, but have restricted space for growing greens, then this article is written just for you. And though there are tons of ways to make your very own miniature greenhouse, I am listing my top 3 picks that are best suited for modern homes. Follow any one of the below-listed ways, and nothing will stop you from growing any plant you wish.

  • Plastic Beverage Bottles

We often read articles on how plastic drink bottles are hampering marine life. So, it’s only wise to stop using plastic bottles and reuse the ones that are already there. One best way is to use plastic bottles for growing a bottle greenhouse.

Here’s how you do it:

Take two bottles; ensure one is slightly wider than the other.
Cut the narrower bottle, using a sharp knife, in half (horizontally).
Now insert the top half, upside down, inside the bottom half.
Keep it secure with the help of hot glue.
You can now fill it with potting soil and plant what you wish.
Cut the larger bottle in a similar way and place the top half, over your plant as a lid.

You can do so with as many bottles as you please and create an array of bottles filled with your chosen plants. Hang them by a window or balcony and watch them grow. Soon, you will get to experience the joy of witnessing little sprouts growing into leaves, then buds slowly blooming into flowers.

  • Picture Frames

Old picture frames are an excellent means to create a traditional garden greenhouse and simultaneously bring a vintage touch to your home. This one may require some handiwork and a few tools but fret not, it’s extremely simple.

Here’s how you do it:
Choose old frames lying around the house or purchase from a local store.
Sand the frames to remove any unwanted paint (optional).
Align all the frames and group them to form a house. Drill and join them together with screws.
Finish the frame with whatever wood paint and decoration you desire.
Reattach the glass to the frames.
Lay some potting soil and plants you wish to grow in it.

Painting & Decorating

This one is the easiest of all and ideal for those who just can’t DIY. There is no hammering or drilling involved, so relax.

Here’s how you do it:
Buy a mini greenhouse or glass vessel, like a fishbowl but bigger.
Paint it in a bright, bold colour with wood pigments or decorate it with glittery embellishments and hard glue.

Consider placing some small stones or pebbles as the base, for water drainage.
You can now add potting soil and plants. It’s that simple.

Do try these tips to grow your own miniature greenhouse and let us know your experience in the comments section. Happy growing!

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