4 ways to max out on storage in a small living room with space-saving sideboards

4 ways to max out on storage in a small living room with space-saving sideboards

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It’s so good to be at home with our loved ones. But, at the same time, it’s overwhelming to de-clutter things with more members and less space. Isn’t it?

“Imagine yourself living in a space that only contains things that spark joy”, says the tidying expert Marie Kondo. 

But the reality is quite different! 

You might be frantically running around the household, attending to your kids, in-laws amid all the chaos of the living and dining room. Because this is the most occupied place in your home. 

Lately, is this thought bugging you?  “How do I furnish a small living room?” 

Well! We have the perfect solution to help you organize your home and bring joy to your life. The key to maximizing your small living room’s potential is to select furnishing that saves the space, comes with storage, and beautifies your interior. 

We are talking about modern and fancy storage cabinets! Superbly crafted from solid wood, these beauties transform your cluttered home into a space that looks serene and attractive.

What is a sideboard/Buffet?

Sideboards are utilitarian and attractive furniture that comes with hidden storage. With a combination of drawers and cupboards behind the doors, they offer the perfect storage solution. 

When your small room needs special attention to planning, sideboards help create the best small-living room plan with more space. 

Here at Miradorlife, our furniture experts call the storage cabinets; intelligent furniture. Let’s take a look at the ways suggested by them to super-organize your home with additional space and adding visual interest to your otherwise cramped room.

Add extra space in your room with Sideboards

Are you looking to add some personal space in your life too? 

With all the house chores lying on your shoulders, it’s important to organize things for better management. You can find the solution to your problems in a multipurpose wooden cabinet. 

If you have a regular flow of guests and relatives visiting your place, a sideboard can ease the struggle of organizing things together. It can be placed beside your dining area to keep your cutlery, table linen, crockery, and tableware all in one place. It will not only save you many extra trips back and forth to the kitchen but will also bring some mental peace to you.  

To take things to an elevated level, the expansive top surface of these cabinets gives you ample space to display art pieces.  From family photos to vases or trophies, the cabinets love to showcase them.

The instant a sideboard is there to give you company, you can feel the difference in the layout of your living room as well as the shedding of your workload.

Furnish your room with more space by utilizing its larger dimensions

Are you counting on every inch of space without comprising the floor area?

Then playing along the dimensions of your room is the best bet. If your living room is small in width, but if it’s tall enough, crawling up on a blank wall with a sideboard will do wonders. 

You can get a customized and well-crafted dining room cabinet to fill your room’s bare wall. With as many drawers and cupboards as you want, your personalized sideboard will contribute a great deal to hide clutter. Still, if you need to create more space, going all the way up with a customized hutch can max out on storage.Hutches are an additional set of shelves or cabinets placed on top of a lower unit to add space vertically rather than consuming the floor area. 

Miradorlife has got the newest designs of sideboards to create more room inside your home. These cabinets can shift the focus of your space to themselves as they look so attractive even after sorting the living room’s mess.

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Build a partition between your living room and kitchen.

Do you have a living room adjacent to your kitchen? And it becomes congested with crowding of everyone and everything there. From breakfast, meals, tea, to living room conversations, to studying and working from home, does your living room has to take it all these days? Since you are spending most of your time in the kitchen that is very near, your day goes haphazardly. Right?

Find your inner peace back by using sideboards to partition the kitchen and the dining/living area. Again, you can get customized hutches to sit on top of your cabinets to add that extra layer of storage and isolation. 

A sideboard with a hutch showcasing mirror shelving at its back is the ideal space-saving furniture. This stylish combination creates the illusion of depth and space in your room without going overboard with styling.

Use sideboards as multi-functional space-saving units

Do you know you can use modern-day furniture for a variety of roles? 

A sideboard can serve as your multi-tasking assistant as it comes in an array of styles with multiple features.

The traditional and heavier design can be used for easy entertaining. That means it can hold your television, books, ornamental pieces, and all other essential items. 

The modern cabinet furniture in its sleek and slim designs can be used interchangeably. 

When placed in the dining room, it becomes a buffet to lend you a helping hand by holding all the tableware inside and dishes on top of it. The functional utility of the buffet increases because of its larger cabinets and shorter legs to sit lower on the floor. The lower countertop serves as an impressive surface to host your family gatherings. It eases out the job of serving the food without you having to get up from your dining/tea table. 

If you have a foyer or a hallway in your home, a sideboard can add to its beauty by greeting your guests with ample space for keys, mobile, etc. You can create more inviting vibes by placing planters and foliage, knick-knacks, or beautiful Macrame wall hangings on top of it.

Bring home a gorgeous sideboard from Miradorlife

Now you know the different ways to increase the dimensions of your room without breaking a wall! If you’re worried about where to find storage organizers online in India, Miradorlife.com has the answer to it. 

Our sideboards are crafted with perfection and uniqueness. Each piece is truly individual, sustainable, and has its own design story to tell. Modern or classical, retro or bold style, whatever character you want to add to your small space, our storage unit will justify it perfectly.  

Our store is showcasing some latest designs of sideboards. These timeless wooden cabinets are meant to serve you lifelong in creating ample spaces for tidying up your interiors, adding natural warmth and beauty to them. Alongside, we help you to organize your home and impress your family with a relaxed version of yourself. 

For more details, visit www.miradorlife.com

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