5 home décor ideas every home should have

5 home décor ideas every home should have

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While decorating a home, there is no should and shouldn’t as such. But a little bit of this and a little bit of that will always make a home look more welcoming and comfortable. Adding a few home décor items to your home, is like the topping of the pizza!

When it comes to deciding on those extra features, we mess it up by adding too much or too less. No! Don’t panic! We are here to help. We have listed some home décor ideas to make your home look perfect!!!

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  • 5 home décor ideas for your home
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1. Decorative Cushions and Pillows:

Well, we are really very picky when it comes to our sofa sets, beds, diwans, but, when it comes to our pillows and cushions, we take no time decide. A simple matching cushion or pillow is what we stick to. In fact, at times, we do not even consider a cushion. Very little do we know that, those little comfy stuff can enhance the style quotient of your home. A cushion (or a pillow) is very practical and can be used (literally) almost on every furniture you use. Just throw them on your sofa, place them on a chair, indoors or outdoors – anywhere! While choosing them, make sure that they are contrasting and bright.

2. Throw Blankets:

Another little thing that misses to make it to our list most of the time! Again, they make our home look imperfectly perfect. Whether you throw them in a basket, a chair, or a sofa, you can adjust them in various ways to compliment your home aesthetic. Folded, draped or hanging, you can place throw blankets over the arm of a sofa or armchair, on the back of any seating, on a bench, on the end of a bed, hanging over the side of a basket or on the rung of a storage ladder.

3. Rugs & Mats:

One of the most overlooked, but perhaps the most essential home décor item is a rug. Most of us spend an ample amount of time searching for the perfect area for the rug, but these beauties actually do not require so much of thought. Any clear space, in front of your sofa, or your bed, in the corridor or outside kitchen – just place them. And whoaa!!! Your home will turn into a magic!

4. Vases & bowls:

Even though vases and bowls are normally there in our mind, but we are always too fussy about the right place for it. But the truth is, vases and bowls can be placed at any nook of your home. These are the perfect home décor accessory that enhances the beauty of your home naturally!

5. Wall arts:

Nowadays wall arts are given immense attention while decorating your home. As much as it is necessary to beautify your home, overdoing or a wrong choice of wall art may backfire too! The right wall and the right choice of art is very important. To be on the safe side, a simple and subtle choice can be made. Something that defines you and goes well with your home.

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