5 responsible practices of sustainable interior designs for low environmental impact in 2021

5 responsible practices of sustainable interior designs for low environmental impact in 2021

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Have you started mapping your client’s design briefs with eco-friendly interior designs?

Have you thought about how green your designs are?

From Tsunamis to the pandemic, the unexpected calamities are signaling a dire need to preserve nature. 

The rising trends of environmental conservation are raising awareness towards sustainability globally. There is a substantial shift in design strategies with a prominent focus on creating environmentally responsible interior design & architecture. More & more designers & architects are embracing sustainable practices to deliver projects that portray a harmony of functional, aesthetical, & ecological balance. 

2021 is all about rooting nature in your designs. It’s about bringing the outdoors indoor. It’s about building & designing a better future for both the users of the interior space & the environment. 

How to embrace sustainability?

Here’re some elementary exercises for interior designers & architects to bring low environmental impact through their designs. 

1)  Planning energy-efficient design layout

Architects & interior designers can adopt concepts of sustainability right from the start of building the interior environment.  The idea is to club the interior with natural resources to reduce the consumption of artificial energy. 

Bringing in natural daylight in the interior designs & its efficient distribution can contribute a lot towards sustainability. You can use reflective surfaces such as natural flooring designs to brighten up the interiors, thereby reducing the artificial lighting. On top of that, adding eco-friendly blinds, drapes, curtains, & high-quality windows will assist in controlling the temperature of the interiors naturally.

2) Executing designs using environmentally sustainable materials

Good design & architecture is all about mingling the elements of interior designs with creativity & sustainability to bring out the best of both worlds. 

After a sustainable design layout is planned, the next step is to implement those designs using eco-friendly materials.

Sustainable furniture & art pieces

  • Pick furniture for your clients that are made of natural materials harvested sustainably.
  • Prefer rapidly renewable resources to add to the beauty & functionality of the buildings. 
  • Check for the certified labels on the materials to confirm their eco-friendly credibility. 
  • Choose wood, bamboo, marble as they are natural & non-toxic, & contribute to healthy interiors. 
  • For all your client requirements, partner with a design studio that hosts sustainable interior decor & design elements.

Natural Flooring 

  • Suggest & integrate natural flooring designs in all your designing & architectural projects. 
    E.g., wood, bamboo, marble, limestone, Kota stone, Indian patent stone, etc., offers natural insulation, beauty, & longevity.

Decor elements handcrafted by Indian craftsmen

Interior designers & architects can be the torchbearer of suggesting eco-friendly products handcrafted by artisans & craftsmen. They use their creative skills to make unique wall art, furniture, decor, and utility products. 

Handcrafted products are unique in terms of design & creativity. They reduce the waste load on the environment as they use reclaimed wood & recycled products as raw materials. Suggesting handcrafted furniture in your designs can create employment opportunities for skilled craftsmen. 

Also, you can collaborate with design studios that promote sustainable furniture made by Indian artisans.  It will reduce the transportation burden of procuring the raw materials & finished products separately. This will contribute to lesser pollution, faster delivery & reasonably priced products.

3) Championing the 3R’s in your designs

Sustainable interior design is all about finding the right balance between utilizing the old & new together to reduce wastage. 

While planning the design projects based on the client’s brief & the survey of the site, interior designers can implement reuse, recycle, & reduce. 

Think of how your client’s waste could be used as raw materials for contemporary custom-made decor elements. 

Along with new design themes & accessories, the old-fashioned objects could be styled to add uniqueness to the client’s decor. 

Repurposing & up cycling will help to reduce the waste load on landfills.

4)  Embedding long-term narrative in the designs

Durability & sustainability go hand in hand. 2021 design trends are calling for maximizing the use of products that offer longevity. Once designed, an interior decor must portray timeless spaces. How?

Choose decor elements from a longevity perspective. E.g., embed flooring designs that are more functional & robust, & easy to clean. 

Prefer sober/simpler designing & decor accessories to let them cast a soothing appeal every day. The design themes must bring nature to add indigenous beauty to the interior. Suggesting more greenery planted in organic tools will keep adding freshness & sustainability to space. 

Also, architects & designers must emphasize & suggest versatile furniture to save space & add flexibility to the interior. 

Partnering with Design studios that promote sustainability

Designers & architects can team up with design studios that offer customize home decor solutions on a sustainable interior design theme. Together, they could bring a lot of difference in turning out every project into the eco-friendly decor. 

At Miradorlife, you can get all your requisites for sustainable interior designs in one place.  We source & manufacture furniture using sustainable practices. You can get custom-made decor & art pieces handcrafted by Indian craftsmen for all your clients. 

When you’re designing or decorating a villa, an apartment, or any commercial space, we will assist you in serving the right looks to match your client’s exquisite taste. Rest assured, our raw materials are procured sustainably.  You can see a variety of natural materials like solid wood, marble, bamboo used in our furniture & art pieces. Their finishing is impeccable, with the craftsmen focusing on attention to detailing. 

Apart from this, you can get high-quality customer leads through our extensive design network.  Our marketing team will help you grow your business by letting you connect with clients who are conscious of sustainable interior designs. 

It’s time to outshine your design portfolio by brandishing sustainable interior designing projects completed by you. 

Let’s join hands to add more green designs to our planet. Visit www.miradorlife.com today.

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