Sustainable Interior Designs to Make your Home Look like a Movie Set – Part 2: Just Like Heaven

Sustainable Interior Designs to Make your Home Look like a Movie Set – Part 2: Just Like Heaven

Welcome back to our series on how to sustainably redecorate your home just like a movie set. In the second part of this series, we shall walk you through ways of bringing the “Just Like Heaven” vibe in your home.

Taking Inspiration from Reese Witherspoon’s Apartment in the movie “Just Like Heaven”

The apartment displayed clever woodwork with the round window seating space, coffee table, dining set, cabinets, and bed. It also made use of a lot of curtains and throw pillows. Furthermore, the rooftop was adorned with beautiful plants and completed with wooden chaise lounge chairs, and of course, a fountain.

Interior design ideas to learn from it:

  • Using Natural Wood

Use natural wood that is recycled and remade into a new product. You can even go for upcycled and vintage pieces, like workbenches, chairs, end tables, or kitchen shelves and cabinets. Decorating your home this way will help reduce your carbon footprint and save on wood that would otherwise end up in landfills.

  • Choose Natural Textiles

Bamboo and hemp are some of the most eco-friendly fibers you can select when purchasing linens, sheets, curtains, towels, cushion covers, table runners, and more. Though they may cost a bit more than other synthetic variants, these products will last longer.

  • Decorating with Plants

Indoor plants filter out harmful chemicals from the air and offer natural beauty, fragrance, and freshness. Think gorgeous lilies, cute cacti, medicinal aloe vera, luscious maidenhair ferns, eye-catching succulents, and graceful bromeliads.

Other Considerations

  • Choose soy or beeswax candles that are scented with essential oils, over cheap candles that contain harmful VOCs as standard paints.
  • Select vintage furniture and decorations to reduce your carbon footprint. Also, instead of throwing away used furniture, list it online for resale or give it away in charity.
  • Opt for brands like MiradorLife that are committed to offer sustainable and eco-friendly furniture. They responsibly manufacture home furnishings to cut down on carbon emissions.

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