Mix It All Up

Mix It All Up

YES! Matching pieces of furniture has truly become passé. Mixing furniture styles is in and in these days of individuality and openness …here to stay. Thank God!

Most people can’t and don’t buy furniture for the whole house in one go. For some its budget constraints …others can’t find pieces they like and many of us already have inherited furniture pieces we do not want to throw away. However, even if none of the above apply …please do refrain from buying coordinated pieces for the whole room. You don’t match your shoes and your bag ….do you now? And if you do …. well I rest my case!

Mixed furniture done well can actually find a nice medium between formal and grown, free and playful, individualistic yet classy.
But how does one mix with élan and style without making your house look straight out of flea market or look like one crazy mess?

Here are some helpful suggestions to keep in mind while mixing your home furniture:

⦁ Mixing vintage and modern – Yes….opposites attract. Gone are the days when you have traditional pieces of furniture and have to stick to the same or vice versa. Blending the two avoids a style cliché and makes the room contemporary, hip and

⦁ cool! One of the easiest ways to do this is breaking away with one focal piece…add a rustic coffee table to a leathered couch, add modern chairs to a traditional dining table. Break the monotony of a traditional room with one fun piece. Try mixing painted wood with wood pieces for a more designed look.

A perfect combination of a modern chair in a traditional setting.

Here a more traditional chaise is given a contemporary edge by pairing it with a modern metal and wood coffee table. Not only does it lighten the slightly ornate room but also makes it less stuffy.

The vintage desk gets a more contemporary edge thanks to the chair.

⦁ The universal unifier – white

When working with various styles and combinations one of the best ways to make everything work is by using whites. White and wood is a perfect combination and always works. You can bring in white through furnishing, upholstery and even painted furniture.

Love how the ultra modern white chairs work so well around this rustic dining table without clashing with the wood.


The various furniture pieces in this bedroom come together as a cohesive room by keeping them largely in white.

Again the white opium table and cabinets bring out a perfect contrast to the heavy dark armoire and the wooden floor.

⦁ Mix different grains of wood – Mixing different grains of wood is another combination…. the important factor is that you should be able to see the grains and the textures in the wood. The less polished your wood. …the easier to mix. The more raw and natural form of wood mixes better than the very polished lacquered surfaces.


⦁ Color: Using solid colors can also work to your advantage if you have mixed furniture already. Pull everything together by integrating the color scheme. Upholster mismatched couches in the same fabric and add some drapes in a complementary color to pull everything together. Or use the color as a theme and coordinate different styles according to the colour.


⦁ Textures: After color, texture is another tried-and-true way to add some personality to your rooms. Textures give a room visual depth by adding different layers to the room without too much fuss. This works especially well in neutral and monochromatic rooms. Think wood, fabric, natural fibers, woven materials etc.

⦁ Accessories:
Well…this pretty much is similar to textures …but in this case use accessories to add contrast to room. Accessories are a good way to create a contrast especially if you are too scared to start mixing furniture. Rugs, curtains, throw, cushions are a wonderful way to add character and personality into a room and eventually add multiple layers.

Even in following these tips, remember that a room usually never turns out exactly as planned . That’s okay! Allow each room to take on a unique personality of its own. Happy mixing!

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