Article by Preeta Dutta. Founder & CEO, MiradorLife

Over the last few days, people all over the world have suddenly redefined the meaning of home. Your home has become a refuge, a hospital, a sanctuary, a school, a workstation and so much more.

In this scenario of fear and confusion your home can be a place of peaceful positivity- a place where you can recharge and recuperate, a bit like our planet, or it can become your prison.

A person when isolated may feel lonely, but loneliness is not always due to isolation. You can be lonely in a crowd and be happy alone. Yes today, some of us are isolated from people but still have in many ways been able to connect better. And by that I do not mean being better connected to Netflix or Whatsapp, but connected with their inner self and their purpose much better.

American artist E. Hopper series on loneliness and isolation resonates even better today.

I’ve personally been practicing social isolation for over a week now and I’ve realized that to me, my home is truly a peaceful sanctuary. I’ve worked on, and tried to remove negativity and created spaces that radiate positive energy

1. Natural elements and textiles

As mentioned time and time again, nature is your best friend in decorating, as with everything else. Whether it represents the color of rooms, the textiles, art or accessories. The more natural elements you have around the house the more breathable it gets and the more positive energy you will bring. This is especially true if you do not have access to the outdoors with terraces or gardens.

Additionally rooms with lighter pieces with pops of color are always more refreshing. The heavier darker pieces of furniture may seem more opulent and grand in your mind and in photos but too much of it make apartments look way smaller and can be suffocating after a point.

2. Greenery

Every leaf and plant that you can keep in your house will not only change and add to the quality of air but also keep you rooted (no pun intended ☺). You may have spent half the year saying I do not keep Indoor plants because I kill them …but now every little green pot will give you joy.

3. Spaces within a single room

Every house needs multiple spaces esp. within the same room. You need the reading nook, the area to drink your tea, a space to watch TV along with a place to entertain. I use and believe in a mix of design and energy to create Me, You and Us spaces. And it has never worked so well as it has in this scenario.

4. Sunlight and lighting

Natural light is always the best light; In India heavy drapes have never worked for whatever scenario, its dark, oppressing and depressing even in happier times. Unlike the west our homes need to be airy and cool thanks to the sheer heat and humidity.

Harsh white lights and recessed lighting in false ceilings will always look like a hospital and are a big no. Instead use multiple table and floor lights to make the ambience softer and not glaring.


5. Rethink the way you live

Finally this is the perfect time to really rethink the way we live. I know It might seem odd for a design entrepreneur to recommend a book by the same name, but Amanda Talbots book resonated deeply with my personal design ideology.

How do we create a home that brings out the best in us? To have a modern contemporary home, which is sustainable, creative, beautiful with multi functional easy rooms, which is not just a showcase for entertainment. That is the key right now.

Over the years we have slowly moved from our natural products to plastics, MDF and modular homes. However I have always believed that interior design is more about understanding the person who lives in the house than pure aesthetics. That is when a house transforms into a HOME. Your home should always be centered on emotions- it needs a soul.

6. To End with Radiohead;

To End with Radiohead:
A green plastic watering can
For a fake Chinese rubber plant
In the fake plastic earth
That she bought from a rubber man
In a town full of rubber plans
To get rid of itself
It wears her out

How would you rethink your home?
I would love to know your thoughts.
Do write in below.


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