5 Biggest Urban Home Decor Trends of 2019

5 Biggest Urban Home Decor Trends of 2019

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Urban Home Decor Trends of 2019

From unbaked colour palettes for the walls to lush greens for the entryway, here are the 5 biggest trendsetters in home interior design industry of 2019. And these trends are sure to go beyond the year.


Homes need to be a reflection of who you are, and not a page out of a glossy magazine or catalogue. They need to have more individuality, warmth and personality expression. Hence, people are opting for out-of-the-box home decor ideas, be it custom-made, luxury furniture, decorative or wall paint. Botanical prints and hues, for example, are a huge hit for 2019.

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Indoor Plants

We saw cool greenery sprout up across restaurants, hotels, and retail spaces and now the trend is being spotted in stylish, modern homes. They’re a genius use of space, and an amazing way to improve indoor air quality. Be it bonsai plants, bamboo plants, aloe vera or small succulents, houseplants are the perfect way to make your living room, patio, or roof terrace livelier. Also, the elegant and unique planters have taken the home interior design industry by storm this year.

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Modern Kilim Rugs

Kilim rugs have been decorating homes since decades, and they just don’t seem to stop impressing. Urban homes are loving Kilim patterns as they offer global sophistication with an eclectic edge to modern interiors. Kilim rugs feature bold, graphic patterns in pastel shades, neon and even monochrome.

Mermaid Tiles

Fan-shaped fish scale tiles are a huge trend this year. You can choose between fan shaped scallop patterns to ornamental quatrefoils, curvy eye-shaped T-drops, and even simple hexagons. These unusual shapes help create a striking effect that helps build instant interest. Mermaid tiles are chosen to decorate modern bathrooms, hallways, cloakrooms and even kitchens.

Natural, Organic Materials

Natural, organic materials are back! People are now taking conscious decisions when designing their homes. Hence, synthetic materials laden with harsh chemicals and dyes are being rejected, and raw materials such as bamboos and natural weaves are favored.

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