Sustainable Living

Sustainable Living

An entire generation is turning towards a greener, cleaner and a more planet-friendly lifestyle and décor gets an obvious green nod. Worldwide architects are going “greener ” by using renewable and organic building materials, solar power, recycling water resources etc. However, can we still incorporate a sustainable lifestyle into our homes through décor without much architectural change?
Here are a few decorating ideas which are not only sustainable but considered extremely trendy for future home décor.

Go Organic

In keeping with the concept of sustainable design, 2018 is the year in which your living room becomes more natural and less ‘plastic’. It’s all about live edges, raw and organic forms, be it natural wood, wicker, sea grass, jute etc. All are being used in various forms and shapes and being kept as organic as ever. No polish…No gloss …natural in its raw and beautiful form – cracks and all.

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Vintage is in – Recycle and Reuse

Vintage as a décor trend is in like never before along with recycled, shabby and distressed wood in furniture and accessories. It’s time to check out those flea markets, ancestral homes and even eBay to salvage old pieces that have been disposed of. Mixing vintage styles with your modern pieces can create a wonderfully eclectic room and sometimes just a coat of paint can change the entire look of a piece.

Sustainable Living, sustainable living ideas, sustainable living bangalore, sustainable living tips, sustainable living blog, miradorlife

An unusual handmade coffee table made out of recycled windows ( Mirador )

Return of the Artisan

Say no to machine made products as much as you can. Embrace local craftsmen and fair trade crafts globally. Hand blown glass, handmade ceramics, hand woven carpets and hand made baskets all get a thumbs up! Not only are they way more beautiful but in the process you are helping artisans worldwide to sustain themselves against the onslaught of cheaper machine made goods.

Go Wicker

Rattan or wicker is making a comeback as a material for the home, both indoor and outdoor. Designers are now looking at how to work this eco- friendly yet versatile material into more modern designs and eclectic designs.
Even when thinking of upholstery think of fabric which is live and breathes…Natural jute upholstery, sustainable cotton.

Bringing the outdoors in

Lastly, try using green walls or live walls in certain parts of your house. These natural vertical gardens indoors are not only are beautiful but insulate your houses against extreme heat and cold and breathe life and energy into your home. If nothing else large plants, fresh flowers, green leaves, twigs, driftwood all can add to a feeling of a “green” room.

To me organic living is not only a design choice but also a lifestyle choice as much as possible.
Does your living room need all the 25 lights your builder provided? Are we using the most sustainable lighting “natural daylight “efficiently enough?

Did you know that most scented candles in India contain paraffin that is carcinogenic and toxic? Eco friendly bees wax and soy wax are not only sustainable but also and more importantly a healthier alternative.

Cheap baskets made out of toxic plastic cannot compare with the eco friendly options made out of natural grass, weed, water hyacinth etc.

Wood is a renewable resource, but it takes decades to replace a tree if it comes from illegal felling. If you are buying wooden furniture buy a well-made piece not something that will be broken in a couple years. Always check if the wood is sustainable or recycled. Most responsible stores will try and source wood legally from sustainable sources only, your local carpenter may not. Stone is not renewable, but it requires less embodied energy than metal. So if you have to choose make sure you choose the lesser evil.

Frankly sustainable living is not all that complicated or complex. It’s all about celebrating life, nature and healthy living without compromising on look and feel. Yes sometimes it more expensive as it is largely handmade. It is not as perfect as its machine made counterparts and can come with a defect or two, but to me that’s part of it’s charm. Be inspired by Earth –just stick, as close to Mother Nature as much as possible in texture , colours and your home will always be unusual never be dated and rarely be wrong.

Preeta Dutta

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