Working from Home with a Great #HomeOfficeSetup

Working from Home with a Great #HomeOfficeSetup

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So, there’s a lockdown in effect till April 15, 2020. Is that the end of the world you once knew? Definitely not. Apart from essential services, the government of India has deemed it necessary to advise people to stay indoors, minimise movement outside and maintain social physical distancing. For those who are staying at home, many companies have allowed working from home till the COVID-19 situation is brought under control. There are certainly some good and bad aspects to this, and your workspace needs special attention when you must do a major part of your work at home.

Where to start? Most of the ones who would have the option to work from home would be those with work focussed on software, consultation, design and digital marketing or promotion. While all of these share a common ground – working on a PC or a Mac, the amount of sheer typing and focus varies. So, let’s break it down bit by bit and get to know how you can make the best use of your furniture.

Software development is an intensive process. Even with the myriads of environment and development platforms available with smart code suggestions, peering through lines of code and syntax to find a solution can be frustrating. Most laptops don’t come equipped with keyboards that can handle aggressive coding sessions. If you have an external monitor at home or have a TV with mirroring capability, use it to make your coding much more relaxing. At times, a large block of code can become especially intriguing and interesting at the same time. To avoid backaches, make sure you have proper support for your buttocks and lower spine using a hardwood chair. 

Bean bags are good, but unless you want to wake up with painful shoulders and back, avoid those. Remember, you still must work the next day from home and can’t take any long walks inside the office compound. Resist from the bed when you are just researching code blocks, that’s going to give you a painful neck. If you have a sofa with strong arm rests, you can push up against a cushion and make an impromptu recliner, but long hours in this position might not be as comfortable. No matter what surface you use, make sure you dust and clean every one of them at least once every 3 days, at least till the coronavirus situation tides over.

In the second part of this article, we’ll be covering the aspect of furniture and comfort for other roles as well. Do you have any prior experience working from home? What’s your workspace setup at home like? Let us know in the comments below. If you’re curious about what kind of themes and setups we offer at Miradorlife, please visit us at

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