STORY 3: Using traditional Indian motifs in home decor for Deccan Herald’s Homes & Interiors

STORY 3: Using traditional Indian motifs in home decor for Deccan Herald’s Homes & Interiors

⦁ How can traditional Indian motifs be incorporated in home interiors – please explain all decor elements?

The easiest way to incorporate Indian motifs is through accessories i.e. fabric, cushions, paintings and carpets. Indian fabrics be it in upholstery or cushions are popular worldwide…motifs like paisley, ikat…big florals and woven tribal prints are very in. Again Indian rugs, durries and carpets have always been popular. A brightly upholstered chair in your favorite Indian fabric always acts as a pop. Another interesting way to add motifs is by bringing in an Indian inspired wallpaper on an accent wall Sabyasachi for Nilaya or Good earth have some amazing prints) You can even use fabric or an old sari as wall hanging.

⦁ What are the new trends in traditional Indian motifs for home interiors?

2016 is also the year of celebrating the bold and the exotic…so boho chic is definitely in and with it comes bright colors, eclectic living and celebrating those vintage Indian pieces that we tend to overlook. This year also celebrates metals and wood…again something all Indian homes have a plethora of. It’s a good time to bring out old copper, brass and bronze vessels, which can be used in various parts of your décor.

⦁ How can traditional Indian motifs blend with contemporary aspects of homes?

In terms of furniture style and décor many countries has a unique style, which has led to a design trend i.e. Scandinavian, French, and Japanese. The traditional Indian home has still not completely reached a modern avatar, which is a blend of contemporary style furniture yet with a traditional root. Something we at Mirador have been trying to do in the past year. The trend worldwide has been to mix different styles of furniture, the modern with the antique furniture for a truly individualistic and contemporary look. In fact it is completely passé to have a house with similar looking furniture be it in structure or color.

Some of Miradors furniture range – Indian with a contemporary edge.

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