Spilling the Beans over Coffee Tables

Spilling the Beans over Coffee Tables

Conversations had around coffee tables are a treasure trove of memories for most people. It’s a circle of trust that encourages the best and most authentic part of yourself to be expressed without any hesitations. Be it day-to-day gossip or a once in a lifetime announcement, you can do it all by putting your coffee mug on the table. Here’s a rundown of a few nostalgic moments around the wooden décor.

Touch Wood

You may recount times like finding your phone after misplacing it during a drunken night or watching your soccer team win a game after saving a goal in the last minute. There are plenty of occasions touching wood has helped you calm down after your heart skips a beat. Heck, this old wives’ tale would’ve never made it out of the woods had it not been for coffee tables conveniently placed around the block.


Making relationships work takes time and effort. And not all relationships pan out the way you want them to. When the going gets rough for love birds, a single sitting at the coffee table with your best bud is all it takes to turn it around. You know who your true friends are when they brew you a fresh cup of joe to comfort you during your breakups.


Every now and again, life serves you a curveball that’s pretty darn hard to dodge. Maybe your business isn’t meeting its goals or your kids might not be fairing too well at school, whatever unfortunate event unfolds, you can count on well-wishers to swing by your house and spend some quality time around the coffee table to lift up your mood. These little heart-to-heart moments bring so much joy to people and strengthen the bonds between friends and family.

Grand Gestures

Some life lessons come from people who love us more than our parents. Grandparents have a knack of spoiling grandkids with candy and clay when the folks are away. Grandpa holding toddlers up by their tiny hands while their little feet touch the wooden table is a sight for sore eyes. Besides, grandma can use an elevated space to spread her gifts for her most deserving descendants.

Book Bug

Having friends who are avid readers is a blessing. Being bitten by the book bug, friends are always keen on emptying their backpack onto the coffee table to display their collection of novels. Seeing a fresh title on deck is just the start of the journey as each page you turn on the table leads you one step closer towards discovering your new favourite author.

Coffee tables are so much more than just place holders for ceramic cups and candle stands. If you have a story you want to share about the conversations you’ve had around a coffee table, drop us a comment below. And if you don’t have a coffee table at your home yet, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

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