Pros and Cons of Shipping Existing Furniture to Your Expat Home in India

Pros and Cons of Shipping Existing Furniture to Your Expat Home in India

Should You Ship All Your Furniture when Moving Abroad?

Expat living is an amazing experience with its own bundle of hurdles, triumphs, and memories. Before settling down in your new country, you will have to face various obstacles such as housing, furnishing, food, understanding a new culture, and the likes. The task of creating a new home is never easy, especially in a new country. Once you have managed to find a home in India, your next worry is to furnish it. You may face a dilemma of whether to bring your existing furniture.

You can always shop for custom furniture from decor stores and top furniture brands in India. MiradorLife is one such luxury furniture brand that offers exquisite pieces of furniture for home interiors. However, to help make your decision easier, we have listed down the pros and cons of bringing your furniture with you.

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Let’s have a look at the pros of bringing your furniture with you

  You will be free from the hassle of buying new furniture and won’t have to go through the journey of discovering new styles for your home.

  You won’t have double of all your furniture when you move back to your native country.

  You will save on money that will be invested in buying new furniture.

Now let’s deep dive into the cons of bringing your furniture with you

  You will have to undertake the huge task of packing, moving, and shipping your belongings. Of course, you can have companies to do it for you, but, you don’t want people packing your things when you are not there!

  You will have loads of paperwork to do, as customs rules may differ from country to country.

  Your precious furniture can be damaged in transport.

  You can spend some quality time with your partner when organising the new home.

You may not be able to fit your existing furniture into your new residence. The new residence may be bigger or smaller than your previous residence. So, the furnishing will look out of place, and your home may end up lacking form and/or function.

  You will have to go back to an empty home on holidays.

  As weather conditions differ from country to country, some materials, such as wood of yourluxury chair or custom built sofa, may behave differently and develop cracks or get damaged.

  It may get more expensive to bring your goods along, considering the cost of packing, shipping, moving, unpacking, plus insurance and duties.

  Voltage and power points differ from one country to another. You might have to consider that when moving your reclining sofa or bed.

The whole process of packing, shipping, and unpacking might give you unnecessary stress.

Whatever option you choose; staying worry-free is essential. It’s a privilege to have new homes in new countries, so don’t forget to have some fun!

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