Home Décor Trends for 2016 – Go back to nature

Home Décor Trends for 2016 – Go back to nature

In India we are not yet into following furniture trends that are making waves internationally. Be it for the lack of choices, exposure or just that some of the trends are not appropriate in our cultural context. The trend of faux cowhide rugs may be gorgeous but highly inappropriate in our Indian climate and context!

I know I insist on a style which is more individual more personal but as a stylist and a furniture designer it is always important for me to try and incorporate a few of these trends within our own individual styles. This year I was pleasantly surprised (and may I say thrilled) with a lot of the trends for 2016. Lot of them can be considered very India friendly and it is something we at Mirador have been trying to incorporate into many homes over the last few months.

Here are some of my personal favourites :

Mixing styles:

Yes I am gung ho about this continuing trend! While styles like industrial and Scandinavian continue to make waves globally, touches of tropical charm and bolder prints will be added to create a wonderful alchemy of the exotic and modern. Eclectic, ethnic, shabby chic and rustic are “in” – so create your own fun fusion. This trend in the Indian context is so appropriate – we have loads of lovely fabric to be used as cushions, throws, rugs and now we can happily mix our more traditional pieces with modern elements.

A wonderful boho chic living area .

A plantation canopy bed gets a trendy makeover !

Go Organic
In keeping with the concept of sustainable design, 2016 is the year in which your living room becomes more natural and less ‘plastic’. It’s all about live edges, raw and organic forms of wood. A lot of live textures be it natural wood, wicker, sea grass, jute etc are being used in various forms and shapes. Be it in a coffee table or side table with live edge or turn to other organic forms to create a dramatic yet natural ambience.

Dining tables with an organic edge 

Return of the artisan

An entire generation is turning towards a greener, cleaner and a more planet-friendly lifestyle and décor gets an obvious green nod. Vintage is definitely in along with recycled, shabby and distressed wood in furniture and accessories. Sourcing artisan or handcrafted goods is huge. Its time to mix those vintage and classic pieces with mass produced items and in the process help local artisans worldwide- hand blown glass, handmade ceramic, weaves, basketry all get a thumbs up !

The Return of the Rattan

Rattan or wicker is also making its comeback as a material for the home, both indoor and outdoor. Designers are now looking at how to work this eco- friendly yet versatile material into more modern designs. Mixing rattan and wood is something we have been doing in Mirador quite a bit and I love this trend!

Mixing woods and metals

This year is all about textures so mixing different woods in one piece, mixing metal and wood, mixing wood with wicker…. its all good. Building in layers of textures is sensual, easy on the eye and adds a huge depth and variety to a room.

Blue is in

Well Blue was never out for me but Navy blue, Indigo and denim shades have made a huge comeback. Yippee!

Bringing the outdoors in

Lastly, and this one is a no brainer. To be with nature i.e. to bring the outdoors in as much as possible. Bring a lot of emphasis on natural light, use botanical prints and have a room with a less boxed in feeling. Large plants, fresh flowers, green leaves, twigs, driftwood all can add to a feeling of a “ “green” room. The patio or balcony becomes an integral part of every living room and the spaces become less defined.

Yes, I do know that it is difficult to keep changing your entire look every year but some of these trends are evergreen and timeless. All you need to do is maybe change your upholstery and accessories here and there. When in doubt always stay as close to Mother Nature as possible – be in wood, textures, colors and you will never be dated and rarely be wrong.

So what trend do you like best ?

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