Modern Beds or Vintage: Pick the one that suits you best!

Modern Beds or Vintage: Pick the one that suits you best!

A bedroom being a private affair is often overlooked while renovating your home or building a new one. Ideally, your bedroom should get on your priority list since it’s the place where you’d be spending your cosiest time. Needless to say, your bed is the most important element of your bedroom. Hence, you ought to be very careful while choosing it. Confused which one to select – a contemporary modern bed or a vintage one? You should choose your piece depending on your taste, your personality, and most importantly the theme of your home. Continue reading to find out which bed to pick.

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Modern Beds:

Modern beds and furnishings are a popular choice amongst millennial. They love sleek, stylish furniture and deliberately ignore old-fashioned brown furniture their parents and grandparents had for many years. Modern beds are often aligned with minimalist, but it need not be. You can decorate your bedroom with modern beds and furniture and still make it feel warm and cosy using colour and some well-chosen accessories.

Your style is more likely to be modern if you live in a modern home and the rest of your décor is bang on trendy with loads of neutrals, pale greys, and stylish modern furniture in every room. Whilst there is nothing stopping you giving your bedroom an old-fashioned, traditional vibe, it probably would not feel all that comfortable to you.

Modern also works well in smaller, modern homes because fitted furniture ranges provide plenty of storage. If space is an issue, look at built-in furniture to maximise storage capacity.

Vintage Beds:

Vintage beds and furniture do not necessarily mean old-fashioned. Think pine and oak rather than MDF and metal or glass. Pine has always been popular because it’s cheap, but oak has enjoyed resurgence in recent years, thanks to the longevity and timeless feel of quality oak bedroom furniture. Old-fashioned, dark oak and mahogany furniture is not very popular these days, but it was built to last and unlike modern MDF furniture, it will not fall apart in a year.

If you live in an older property with original features an old-fashioned style will match the existing décor perfectly. There is nothing stopping you giving your bedroom a modern makeover, but it may feel out of place if the rest of your home has a traditional vibe.

Look for vintage furniture such as an old Victorian brass bed or antique pine bedroom furniture. Continental styles such as Parisian chic or French Country will also work well in an older property.

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