Sustainable Furniture & The Future of Office Decor

Sustainable Furniture & The Future of Office Decor

What is sustainable furniture? Words like sustainability, eco-friendly and reclaimed furniture have been picking up pace across the globe since quite a few years now. The central theme around all these attracts the concept of living and prospering by impacting the nature around us in as least way as possible. Why is this important? Organic materials are those that are available from nature with the least amount of processing and fabrication. This makes them much more versatile towards resisting weather and climatic conditions. Thus, they last longer and when it comes to discarding them, they seamlessly blend back into nature, without adding to the landfill. Furniture made from wood, jute, cane, bamboo and wood, clay, and terracotta are easier to create, help support homegrown talent and promote an economy that is wholly Indian.

Keeping this in view, furniture is probably one of the next best investments that you can do, after owning agricultural land or your own home. Apart from being functional, furniture adds to the design and decor of any space, be it personal or professional. Events such as the global pandemic, realisation of the effectiveness of remote working and a rising concern regarding pollution and traffic hassles push people towards choosing work and companies that allow flexible work hours and more accountability. Some companies like TCS have already realised the multiple benefits of remote working and have made plans up to 2025. So, as a business owner or as an entrepreneur, what should you look at in the near future?

Yes, certain elements of certain businesses require physical involvement and commute. That is beyond argument considering the technology that we have available in 2020. But what about the part of the workforce that doesn’t need to be physically present in a location? With wider spaces available in your existing office, you can look at making a more relaxing working environment. No, we don’t mean replace the chairs and desks with beds and couches. That would be horrible. But take a look at how Google designed its office spaces. While addressing the task of working in comfort, attention was also paid to managing the space in the most ideal way.

Miradorlife brings in the expertise of world-class designers and decor experts with every consultation and for every budget. When looking at making the office of the future, we bring in an aspect of modernism and industrial design that is complemented by traditional art and craft and organically sourced materials. This makes your office a more breathable and habitable space rather than a place that exists just to spend a few hours every day.

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