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True To Nature

Feel the hills and the gurgling streams while you sit down to a meal in your dining room, or unwind in an eco-conscious bedroom, living room or a patio. Embrace the rustic woodiness of nature, with a theme that exudes cool tones. Amidst natural, solid wood chairs, a driftwood dining table, stone, ceramic, wicker and muted green accessories. The focus here is on natural elements, natural energy, recycling and fluid organic lines. This is for the Earth-conscious you, to get in the outdoors. In line with the Organic Style of décor, this is a wonderful way to be enveloped in nature, without heading to the wilderness. It’s very light, airy, generously green and emits a sense of motion.

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In this look

A whiff from the valleys of the East, with a theme that weaves in the magic of Eastern influences.

This pure teak wood, four-poster canopy sofa-bed may take you back in time to the traditional Indian diwan bed.


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