Old house interior features that are missed in our modern homes

Old house interior features that are missed in our modern homes

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Our modern-day homes miss out a lot when it comes to the features of old houses. Old house interiors had a beauty of their own. These houses were very high on the sustainable quotient. They were designed to suit the climate, and used local building materials and techniques for construction. Here below are some interesting features from old homes that is missed when it comes to modern home interiors.

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Blind Windows:

Blind windows are one of the most beautiful features of old home interiors. They were practical and yet we rarely find them in our modern home interiors. These windows provide a zero-energy solution for helping to cool your house—they can be easily closed when rooms are not in use, or on especially hot and sunny days. In terms of privacy, they provide a streamlined, charming alternative to blinds.

Telephone Nooks:

Found commonly in homes built when telephones were newer and significantly larger devices, these special little shelves could easily be repurposed to hold your cell phone dock.

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High Ceiling:

High Ceilings are a major missing in modern home interiors. Old homes had high ceilings with thick walls which kept the house cool. Apart from that the construction was strong enough to withstand the local weather.

Doors and windows with divided lights:

Before we could pour glass into large sheets, we had to attach smaller panes together using wood or lead. It was a practical solution with a beautiful effect.

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True Craftsmanship:

Have you ever wondered why the features in old houses seem to age so gracefully? Before the machine age, we built things by hand, using local materials. Nails were hand-forged by a blacksmith; wood was cut from local trees. In most cases, the elements in each house were custom-made for that particular house. Stock cabinetry just won’t age with a house in the same way.

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