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Cocooned In Timeless Comfort

This pure teak wood, four-poster canopy sofa-bed may take you back in time to the traditional Indian diwan bed. This setting could grace a living room, an esoteric family room or a sumptuous island space, to simply lounge or make merry. Generously sprinkle about some lively accessories, colourful cushions, a coffee table, some vases and potted plants. It speaks of restful comfort, unhurriedness and a sense of being sheltered away from the ever-churning wheels of todays and tomorrows. This is where you go to be immersed in calmness.

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In this look

This idyllic setting is a congregation of seemingly unrelated furniture designs, inspired by Friedrich Hundertwasser.

This theme is inspired by the “Jaali” work of the Moors and the lingering stillness of a time that was.


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