Declutter Your Home

Declutter Your Home

A well-adjusted home speaks volumes of the mental capacity and wellbeing of the homeowner. Yet a pile of papers, a filthy trash can or a junk dresser can completely mess up your home. There’s a fine line between a beautifully decorated home and a shabby shack. And unless you’re willing to work on your personal style for your private residence, no professional interior designer can declutter your dream home and save it from turning into a dump. Here’s what you can do to avoid being mistaken for a hoarder.

Consider a mix of open and closed storage options to organize your cluttered casa. You can have one of these installed in the entryway, by the front door, or anywhere in your living room to make your accessories more accessible. Wooden décor such as desks, consoles and side tables can make a lot of room for your belongings without appearing congested. Expanded storage spaces that conceal your possessions in plain sight are an effective way of eliminating the things you don’t want. As the saying goes, out of sight, out of mind.

Wonder Wall

Regardless of whether you live in a small studio or a villa, your walls can say a lot about you. But your walls needn’t be for decoration purposes only. If you’re running short of space in your home, you can set up a floating shelf to support your belongings. Apply this simple design secret to offload any heavy weights like books while still maintaining an artsy appeal. Hanging coat racks are also great décor elements that can transform the functionality of your walls. This utility can create a cool space to counteract a crowded segment of your house.

Treasure Bed

These days, most bedrooms come with wardrobe fittings. However, if you don’t have wardrobes fitted into your bedroom, don’t fret. Consider investing in a cot with below the bed storage, albeit they are a bit more expensive. It’ll give you an ample amount of room to pack your clothes and hide any bedroom toys you wouldn’t want your neighbors to know about. You can even use that space to store your linens or tuck away thick rugs during summer.

Basket Case

When not attended to regularly, clutter has a knack of creeping back into your life. Grab a few sustainable bamboo and cane baskets to declutter your home. Baskets placed strategically in separate rooms can be a lifesaver in terms of maintenance. Since not everything that goes into the baskets are to be thrown away, you can label each of them as keep, trash, sell or donate accordingly.  A basket in your bathroom can hold all your cosmetics and toiletries. Another one in your bedroom can hold your laundry and a basket in your living room can hold magazines and Playstation console games. Baskets are inexpensive and versatile options to organize your space, so it’s up to you to make the most of them.

Decluttering your space is an extremely uplifting exercise. And like any exercise, it needs to be done daily to yield satisfactory results. But don’t overwhelm yourself with the process. Decluttering often takes a while to wrap up. Take baby steps by starting with one room at a time and before you know it, you’ll be sitting back to relax in a space you’re proud to call your home.

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