MiradorLife – Working from Home with a Great #HomeOfficeSetup

Working from Home with a Great #HomeOfficeSetup

If you’re coming here from the first article in this series, we’ll be covering some furniture options for consultants. Staying at home for a while might not be that bad of an idea. As of now, when the lockdown situation keeps on extending, edging on the 4.0 version, what’s the future of life and work?. The COVID-19 situation shouldn’t be taken lightly. Maintaining good hygiene and cleanliness is key to staying safe even when working from home.

Now, if you’re a consultant, you might already have experience with working from home for an extended period. Most business-related work can be done on a mid-range PC or an entry level Mac. As a consultant, the usual software that one would use are document editors, spreadsheets, email clients and/or conferencing clients. Based on the nature of your work, you might even be using a VPN to connect to an encrypted network. The next best thing after a laptop would be appropriate seating arrangements.

Consulting requires research and a lot of data mining at times. Even if you don’t type as much, you might end up reading a lot on your screen. The important aspect to understand is that here your upper and lower back will need a lot of support. Firm cushions using jute or coco fibre are great options to reduce stress. A slight bit of recline in the back of the chair can be quite helpful. Chairs with roller wheels might be great for an office environment, but at home, when working continuously, you need stability to be your priority. If you’re tired sitting the normal way, flipping the back of the chair to the front and continuing your research can help relax your neck and arms. You would not need a chair with arm support since your typing will be quite limited, compared to a writer or a developer. A small 2×2 wide table with approximate 3-4 feet of height will be the best for you. Choosing wood over plastic and metal construction makes it safer in the current virus outbreak situation. Organic materials retain the virus for a lot less time than glass, metal or plastic surfaces. However, you should keep cleaning all surfaces once every 2-3 days. It takes your mind off things and keeps your environment safer.

For digital marketing, writers and designers, the work from home furniture can be a little different. Did you like this article? If yes, you might even like the next one. If you have any prior experience working from home can you share your workspace setup at home? Let us know in the comments below. If you’re curious about what kind of themes and setups we offer at Miradorlife, please visit us at www.miradorlife.com.

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