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While looking for a bed, ensure you check the material along with the bed design aesthetics. If you are planning to own it for a long time, it makes sense to invest in a wooden bed. However, if you are not sure where life would take you next, it might be a good idea to look for options other than a solid wood bed, such as MDF or particle board. Rest assured, all our beds are easy to disassemble and reassemble, making them a delight for urban nomads! After all, relocating, even within the city, is a hassle one could do without.

Every bed we sell is equipped with high-strength clamps, which work against noise generation at the joints. This anti-creak joinery is specially engineered to ensure no creaks disturb you at any point of time on your cot. Typically, for any bed India chooses subtle colours which blend with practically any interiors. This way, you gain the flexibility to keep changing your bedroom interiors – furniture, curtains, room paint, etc. – even as your bed stays steady as a rock. This also helps those who keep moving around within the city or across cities – whether by choice or otherwise.

Some options come with complete upholstery, while some feature it only on the headboard. Button tufting makes for a exquisite headboard, defining the look of your bedroom. In any case, you should consider the safety of children and the elderly, before deciding on the extent of upholstery required. As explained earlier, you should compute the ‘effective height’ of the bed before finalizing the purchase. Any resident in or visitor to your house having knee problems might find it difficult to sit on a low-slung bed. For more options go into our collection of bunk beds, various designs in trundle beds, a wide range of canopy beds or our designer single beds to suit your needs.

In case you choose a headboard, that too with storage, the total length of your bed is bound to increase. Also, if you choose drawer-type storage, some free space will be required on the sides to open the drawers completely. This increases the ‘effective width’ of the bed. It is worth remembering that the ‘effective height’ of the bed is the sum of the mattress thickness and the distance of the board from the floor.

Once you account for wardrobes and other furniture in the bedroom, the remaining space should give you an idea of the type of bed that can fit. Alternatively, in case the bedroom is not furnished yet, you could choose a bed first, and then select bedroom accessories like a bedside table accordingly.

At Miradorlife, you can get some of the most stylish and functional beds. For such a bed, accessories are recommended. A combination of premium sheer and heavy curtains would go with your plush choice.

Choosing beds online can be a challenging task but, miradorlife.com provides you with an online shopping experience like no other! We know it can get really confusing while choosing the best bed online, hence, we are offering you with a service where you can select your picks, add them into your wish list and consult our experts to help you choose the best option that’s right for your needs.

Miradorlife has always worked towards creating a sustainable environment. Every product sold by at Miradorlife is designed within an eco-sensitive framework, to ensure that our environment is always protected. Whether it is furniture, furnishings or accessories, all he products of Miradorlife are made using elements that are natural. They do not add to pollution and largely recyclable or even up-cyclable.

Apart from sustainable products, Miradorlife is supporting sustainable living for our traditional Indian craftsmen too. All products designed and sold at Miradorlife are handmade and sales of these products helps provide a sustainable livelihood for traditional craftsmen from across the country. Miradorlife is a platform for artisans, craftsmen, designers where they can showcase their talent, reach out to customers and generate income. Striking a balance between price and value at Miradorlife we strive to serve our customers and ensure that they get maximum value for every product that is sold.

Miradorlife spoils you for choices of sofa sets. Not just the ones displayed, you can customise your own too! We help you with Design Consultation to not only help you choose your favourite sofa set but also design your space. Talk to our experts NOW!