9 unique outdoor furniture ideas that will make you say wow

9 unique outdoor furniture ideas that will make you say wow

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With the changing times, the trend of staying indoors is here to stay. Hence, small or big, an outdoor living space is required. So, we thought of giving you some unique outdoor furniture ideas that will make you say wow! Especially when the New Year is here, it is a must to revamp your outdoor space. And trust us, you do not need to spend a fortune to achieve your dream space.

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  • 9 unique outdoor furniture ideas
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 1.   Swing the ither way round!

Regular dining table is okay! But what about a swinging one? Yes! You heard that! Why not make our dining table swing? A wooden swing table backed up with benches. A perfect set up for a candle light dinner or a wine-dine session with your besties

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2.   Woven-heaven

When we are discussing outdoor furniture ideas, how can we forget chairs? Ditch the regular ones, go Mexican, choose woven comfortable chair. They are the ideal ones to give you the feel of vacations with loads of comforts!

3.   Side-track

Make your neighbours jealous! Add an antique side table to our outdoor space. This is for sure making your place the talk of the town.

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4.  Outdoor Living Room

This outdoor space is complete with a fireplace, sitting area, dining room, and an outdoor kitchen to make it feel just like home. A weatherproof furniture set comes with a couch, coffee table, two chairs, and an ottoman to create the perfect outdoor living room right next to the hearth. Adding a durable area rug completes the look and helps to define the space. Potted plants and throw pillows bring in an extra layer of comfort.

5.   Pooling around

When looking for poolside furniture, keep in mind that furniture and fabrics need to be weatherproof as well as chlorineproof. Metal furniture is always a safe option since it won’t rot with regular exposure to elements like chlorine. Consider finding poolside lounge chairs with wheels so they can easily be moved when the sun changes position

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6.   Simply you

A low, streamlined table is all it takes to make a quaint outdoor dining spot. Double-stacked chair cushions take the place of actual chairs and make the setting feel more intimate. Modern wooden squares hang from a pergola and make a type of chandelier above the table setting.

7.  Wheel-ey

Streamlined chaises and a table on sturdy casters can be easily repositioned to follow the sun or shade. Adding wheels to any piece of outdoor furniture is a quick and easy project that can be done in just a day. For more control, use casters that also have brakes.

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8.  Dine-out

To fit a dining table and chairs in your outdoor space, keep proportion in mind. For a small patio, look for a table and chairs that are thin and streamlined to take up less space. Here, space constraints aren’t a concern so a long dining table works perfectly to accommodate a large group. Chairs with tall backs means guests can comfortably stay and chat long after a meal is finished.

9.   Teak-Tok

The durability and water resistance of teak make it an excellent choice for poolside furniture and structures. To find the best teak, look for brands made from wood harvested on tree farms that are systematically replanted.

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