8 best ways to celebrate Diwali during the pandemic

8 best ways to celebrate Diwali during the pandemic

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With Diwali knocking on our doors, a big question is ticking in our minds – Are we ready to celebrate the festival this year?

This is the time of the year when we celebrate lights, celebrate happiness, celebrate family. It is a time when beautiful memories are made. Sparkling diyas, twinkling fairy lights, mouth-watering delicacies, artsy rangolis, and the presence of friends, family, and loved ones all add to the excitement and revelry. However, with the strict social-distancing laws imposed due to the pandemic, this Diwali might look a little different. But don’t worry, we got you covered! Below are 10 mind-blowing ideas to make this Diwali truly memorable amidst the pandemic.

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  • Throw a Family Diwali Party
  • Mingle with Friends and Relatives over a Video Party
  • Get Dressy
  • Share Diwali Selfies
  • Don’t Forget the Neighbours
  • Relive the memories
  • Create memories
  • Share some love

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Throw a Family Diwali Party

As much as it is about lights, Diwali is also a time for family. The pandemic and the rules we are to follow might limit the social mingling intrinsic to Diwali’s occasion, but it shouldn’t stop you from throwing a great Diwali party for your family right at home. Spend quality time with your family, not only lighting up their surroundings but also their heart with your Diwali cheer. Light lamps, play with sparklers, and shoot fireworks into the night sky. In short, bring the festive vibe right home for your family to revel in. For those in doubt, House parties are always fantastic.

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Mingle with Friends and Relatives over a Video Party 

This year is all about being connected digitally. Hence, video calls can be productive; it’s not  necessary to be in the same place if you wish to see someone face-to-face, and in today’s  world, distance doesn’t matter. Now it’s time to turn all this knowledge to the advantage of  Diwali 2020. Start a video party, including all your friends and relatives, and bring your family  together for a Diwali video party. 

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Get Dressy 

Diwali is a time for putting your best foot forward, especially in the attire department. Get  resplendent with a striking outfit and accessorize with fashionable jewellery. You could 

choose to go traditional with kurtas and lehengas or go western chic with dresses and skirts.  For the men, a kurta or a sherwani is the go-to outfit of their Diwali wardrobe. Finish off with  a cute matching mask for a proper Diwali look. Diwali is a time when everyone looks their  best. Don’t forget to take numerous photos of the magical festivities and capture every  moment. 

Share Diwali Selfies 

Selfies will never go old, and the perfect time for a selfie is when everything around you is all  done up and glittery. In Short, Diwali. For Diwali, make your family and friends pose for  selfies with you and create a group or a page where you can share all of these sparkling  moments. Invite others to share their Diwali selfies too to get the festive spirit going.

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Don’t Forget the Neighbours 

Diwali is the festival of goodwill, camaraderie, and the community coming together. Nothing  says ‘Happy Diwali’ better than a gift of homemade dishes and sweets for your neighbours.  You could also bring in the festival together with balcony-to balcony interactions or by  enjoying the festivities from your roofs. Whose fireworks are the most beautiful is an age old competition that people have on Diwali. Let Diwali 2020 be as fun and exuberant as all  the other Diwalis you have enjoyed with your neighbours. 

Relive the memories 

While you are with your family in the Diwali party, sit together to relive your old memories  of Diwali. Create a slideshow or a movie with old pictures of Diwali. You can use any online  movie maker for the same. Share the video with your loved ones and bring a smile on their face! 

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Create memories 

With little indoor activities that you can do this year, make sure you click pictures and videos  to capture your moments. This year should be as memorable as previous years, in fact even  more! 

Share some love 

Diwali is incomplete without gifts. It does not matter I you could meet all your favourites,  but they should not miss out on the gifts. Pack some cute little goodies and send it across to  your loved ones. Let them know you are missing them.


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